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Creepy Hospital

Room #1: The Waiting Room

  • When government runs health care, the patient goes to the back of the line.
  • Enjoy waiting long in the doctor’s office? You’re going to love Obamacare!
  • Health care is on the way…or so you think it is.
  • Examples: Canadian Health Care
    • Canadian citizens waited an average of 18.2 weeks to see a physician in 2013.
    • In 2002, over 50 patients in the province of Ontario alone died while waiting for one heart surgery procedure.
  • Examples: Veterans Affairs Health Care
    • Over 57,000 veterans waited over 90 days for their first appointment at VA hospitals. Another 64,000 never received appointments after enrolling.
    • 82 veterans have died or are suffering serious injuries because they waited too long for colonoscopies or endoscopies.

Room #2: The Exam Room

  • Don’t want quality in health care? Let the government run it!
  • Government run health care: Putting bureaucrats in between you and your doctor.
  • Trust the IRS with your taxes? So why trust them with your health care!
    • The IRS is charged with implementing Obamacare: approving health care plans, administering subsidies, enacting penalties, and collecting individual's personal health information.
  • Obamacare utilizes a central data hub—an identity thief’s dream—to process individual’s purchase of health insurance and then shares this data with other government agents like the IRS. This data hub is extremely susceptible to hackers and cyber-attacks.
  • Obamacare adds an additional 75 million hours of paperwork for doctors and nurses.
  • Examples: Canadian Health Care
    • In spite of their government-sponsored health plans, two thirds of all Canadians have chosen to add private health insurance due to the inadequacy of the government-run system.
  • Examples: Veterans Affairs Health Care
    • Almost 1,000 veterans have died in the past decade as a result of subpar medical treatment. $845 million have been paid to their families in reparations.

Room #3: Health Care Panel

  • Don’t let government play doctor.
  • Like your health care plan? Too Bad. No health care for you!
  • Want an Obamacare waiver? Just run for Congress, become a hill staffer, or join a union.
    • 5 million people lost their health care plans due to Obamacare.
    • According to White House estimates, 93 million Americans will lose their current health care plan due to Obamacare.
    • Millions are losing their doctors.
    • President Obama granted over 1,800 waivers for unions and business.

Games & Acts

Tight rope walking

“Balancing the budget”
  • Obamacare will add over $1.3 trillion to the national deficit in ten years.

Kissing booth

“Too good to be true”
  • Obamacare claimed to provide universal coverage but by 2024, 31 million Americans will not have health insurance.

Wonky mirror

“Distorting the true cost of health care”
  • Obamacare only appears to be affordable because 85 percent of enrollees qualify for subsidies paid for by young, healthy people.

Strength test

“Raising premiums on young people”
  • A 27 year old female will face an average increase of 44 percent.
  • A 27 year old male will face an average increase of 91 percent.

Hula hooping

“Spinning out of control”
  • Millions are losing health care plans and their doctors.


“Juggling Obamacare”
  • Millennials have their hands full with 40% of us being underemployed and working multiple jobs; Obamacare is another hardship to juggle.


“Bending the rules”
  • The White House has issued over 1,800 Obamacare exemptions for everyone from unions to businesses to Hill Staffers.

Palm Reader

“Predicting the future with Obamacare”
  • According to White House estimates, 90 million more Americans won’t be able to keep the plan they want.


“Clowning around with our health care”

Stilt walkers

“Government always looking over your shoulder”
  • The IRS is charged with implementing Obamacare approving health care plans, administering subsidies, enacting penalties, and collecting individual's personal health information.

Millennial Mike

“Government playing tricks on you”
  • The government takes from young people to subsidize the health care of older people.

Sleight of Hand

“Taxing the shirt off your back”


“Overcoming the weight of Obamacare”
Obamacare will cost the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs over the next ten years.

Sword Swallower

“Swallowing a harsh reality”
Bringing higher premiums and more taxes, Obamacare will cost 18% more than private insurance for Millennials over our lifetimes.

Corn Hole

“One-size-fits all health care plans for every American”
Obamacare requires health plans to cover whatever benefits are deemed essential by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Free throw

“Slam Dunk for insurance companies”
  • From 2009-2010, the years Obamacare was debated and then passed, over $1.8 billion was spent lobbying Congress on health issues.

Coin Toss

“Bulls eye for targeting young people”
  • Nearly $700 million in taxpayer money was spent promoting Obamacare to young Americans.

Ring toss

“Throwing money at empty promises”
  • $474 million was spent to create failed state insurance exchanges in multiple states.

High Risk Pool

“Sinking under unfair prices”
  • Obamacare forces young people into older and sicker risk pools so the government can charge us more for health care we use less.

Bean Bag Toss

Poking holes in the law for special interests
  • President Obama granted over 1,800 Obamacare waivers for unions and businesses.

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